Want fresh baked gourmet cookies? Look no further. Located in Memphis Tennessee, Eb’s Cookies is your home for fresh baked cookies made with real butter, high quality ingredients, and premium chocolate.

Whether you want a sweet treat for yourself, you want to share with co-workers, friends, and family or you need them for a major event, Eb’s Cookies can meet your needs.

Eb’s Cookies started when Eb, the owner was trying to think of something that she could do while on maternity leave. Cookies are her favorite dessert so she thought, why not make homemade cookies. So, she began making cookies for family and friends to taste. Everyone loved her cookies. Soon, her cookies were expected to be at every game night, dinner, family gathering, etc. Someone would ask, “Are those Eb’s cookies?”

She thought, maybe she could sell them since they seemed to be a hit. She started slow by making posts on Facebook or sending out text messages. Orders started coming in. So the business begins…